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Regional Instructional Coach (TOSA) (2023-24-3 CGESD (Ed-Innov))

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TitleRegional Instructional Coach (TOSA)
Posting ID2023-24-3 CGESD (Ed-Innov)

Please note that we are currently in the midst of labor negotiations. Salaries are expected to increase some, but the exact amount is not yet known. The posted salary range reflects the 2022-23 pay scale at 0.5 FTE.


Title: Regional Instructional Coach 

Department: Education and Innovation 

Supervised by: Director of Education and Innovation


Position Purpose:

The primary role of the Regional Coach is to support the implementation of initiatives school districts have identified in their Integrated Guidance application.  In order to achieve this, coaches can expect to fluidly serve in a variety of roles as determined by the needs within their districts. Coaching is an interactive process of observation, discussion, and reflection in which the coach promotes the other person’s ability to grow toward identified goals.  The focus of increasing student achievement and outcomes is at the core of all work.


Core Job Functions:

  1. Develop positive and supportive relationships with all members of the educational community. 
  2. Support the alignment of systems at the district and school level based on the educational community vision.
  3. Mentor novice educators.
  4. Prioritizing the voices and involvement of focal group  students and families: of color, tribal/indigenous students, students experiencing disabilities, emerging bilingual students, students navigating poverty, homelessness and foster care; etc.  
  5.  Collaborate and coach experienced educators.
  6. Increase collaboration among all levels through regularly scheduled meetings.
  7. Guide the educational community to develop a culture of data based decision making that impacts student achievement and outcomes for ALL students.
  8. Support the development of effective leadership teams at the school and district level.
  9. Meet regularly with district and school leadership teams.
  10. Attend coach training to further the development of coaching skills and knowledge.
  11. Support the identification of resources that align to the local education agency vision in order to support transformation.
  12. Plan and facilitate professional development opportunities that align to best practices taking the local education agency vision and professional development needs.
  13. Work in collaboration with other state identified personnel providing support to local education agencies in order to improve cohesion and implementation.
  14. Perform other related duties, as assigned, to support the success of the agency.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Broad understanding and knowledge of coaching and mentoring
  2. Knowledge of inclusive, culturally responsive practices.
  3. Knowledge of key practices in one or more of the following topics: 
    • Academics, Behavior, Chronic Absenteeism, or Social Emotional Instruction
    • Family and Community Engagement
    • Data Based Decision Making Practices
    • Multi-tiered system of support framework at the school and district level
    • Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTII)
    • Distributed Leadership
    • Implementation Science
    • Integrated Organizational Structures and Systems

4. Effective interpersonal communication and demonstrated skills in:

    • Ability to work collaboratively with all members of the education community including students and adults
    • Ability to use questioning strategies to elicit thinking in others
    • Ability to accept and use feedback
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • Ability to communicate using technology

5. Makes independent decisions within limits of agency policies and procedures.

6. Knowledge of culturally and linguistically responsive practices and educational equity. 
7. Ability to build capacity in issues regarding educational equity.
8. Ability to use data to inform decision-making at the district, school, and classroom level.
9. Ability to build capacity around data literacy.
10. Ability to plan differentiated lessons tied to state standards.
11. Ability to travel between work sites and attend training events that may involve sporadic overnight stays.


Quality of Work:

  • Performs work with accuracy, thoroughness and dependability.
  • Demonstrates understanding of job requirements.
  • Demonstrates the ability to learn and perform during changes in work or working conditions.
  • Can be counted on to follow instructions and works well with a minimum of supervision.
  • Demonstrates initiative in identifying tasks to be completed and willingly assumes responsibilities for their completion.
  • Effectively communicates openly, honestly, and sensitively with others in an appropriate manner.


Professional Responsibilities:

  • Maintains regular attendance and adheres to hours and days of assigned work.
  • Personal dress, neatness and cleanliness are appropriate on the job.
  • Performs work considering the safety of self and others.
  • Maintains a productive working relationship with fellow employees.
  • Cooperates with other employees and stakeholders to meet agency and/or program goals.
  • Demonstrates professional character and positive attitude in all job responsibilities. Displays courteous, polite disposition, exercising tact and diplomacy. Maintains confidentiality in all aspects of the agency.


Education and Experience:

  • Experience delivering services using a tiered service delivery model
  • Master’s degree or higher in a field related to education
  • Three years of experience as a classroom teacher
  • Two years of experience serving in a leadership role as a teacher leader, administrator, program administrator, instructional coach, or other role requiring significant leadership skills.
Shift TypePart Time .50 FTE
Salary Range$20,886.50 - $39,365.00 / Per Year

Applications Accepted

Start Date07/14/2023

Job Contact

NameMauree Donahue-RevierTitleDirector of Education & Innovation